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Here are a few excerpts from the hundreds of unsolicited letters Life Extension has received concerning Life Extension Update:

Thank you! Your newsletters are wonderful. I use them all the time for research leads in my work with alternative medicine. I have them all referenced, and look forward to each one.

Deborah D.


Just a note to tell you I thought this emailing was fabulous. Your style intrigues and draws the reader to want to "tune in" to your site. It is fresh and welcoming, and although I have been getting LEF online and in print for quite sometime, I had all but stopped logging in to the website. After I finish emailing you, I will login there and check out what I have been missing. Thanks again for the effort you put into this.

Judy N.


Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the greatest articles on prostate cancer I've ever read. I'm familiar with most of the protocols you've suggested but this article pulls them all together into a single compilation.

I recommend LEF to all my friends who are serious in taking control of their own health issues, both preventative and curative. Articles like this not only offer alternatives but arm the patient with scientific data to inform and educate one's healthcare professional who many times are woefully lacking in the most basic methods of PCa treatment. Keep up the great articles.

Dennis F.


Hello, just to let you know that I very much enjoy your weekly news and you can keep me informed as often as you have news, because you are my source of information I can trust. Now a days I appreciate very much being in touch with company like Life Extension.

Vesna P.