Life Extension

Saving Humans from Premature Death

Never before has there been an opportunity to conduct a short-term clinical study with the potential of inducing systemic and meaningful reversal of pathological aging processes.

Life Extension® is spearheading a drive to raise $10 million over a 3-year period to ascertain if blood components from stem cell-mobilized young human donors can reverse aging processes in elderly individuals.

Life Extension is providing the initial funding to get this project off the ground. In order to aggressively move this project forward, we need to raise pledges from those who want to see this game-changing technology emerge for humanity and themselves.

Life Extension has contributed and will be contributing funds toward this project and will hire a full-time, independent overseer to ensure this project progresses on schedule and in strict accordance with the study's age-reversal objectives.

The front end costs of recruiting tissue type-matched young donors will be substantial, as will the expensive drugs needed to mobilize their stem cell compartments to provide youth factors that will be infused into the elderly study subjects on a monthly basis. We expect to enroll 50 frail elderly subjects initially.

We will soon announce the formation of a new entity that will seek to generate funding for this project through investments/donations. We are now collecting names of people who may be interested in helping to fund this.

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