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  • 30 years of scientific research
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About Life Extension

Supplement your knowledge on anti-aging and optimal health

The Life Extension Foundation Buyers Club is an organization whose long-range goal is the extension of the healthy human life span. In seeking to control aging, our objective is to develop methods to enable us to live in vigor, health and wellness for an unlimited period of time. Life Extension® was established in the early 1980s, but its founders have been involved in the anti-aging field since the 1960s. Life Extension publishes the very latest information on anti-aging and wellness in its monthly publication, Life Extension Magazine®, the Disease Prevention and Treatment book of integrative health protocols, the Life Extension Update e-mail newsletter and the Daily Health Bulletin, and at this website. All to support more informed health choices. 

With more potent, more complete vitamin and supplement formations

In addition to a wealth of information, Life Extension offers 300+ premium-quality vitamins, minerals, hormones, diet and nutritional supplements, and even skin care products, which are often the fruits of research reported on or funded by the Life Extension®.

The Life Extension Foundation is one of the world’s largest membership organizations dedicated to investigating every method of extending the healthy human life span and funding anti-aging research. When seeking methods to slow aging, the non-profit Life Extension Foundation often uncovers potential therapies to fight the conditions associated with aging.

Based on current scientific research, Life Extension is continually formulating and upgrading its science-based multivitamin, vitamin, and nutritional supplement formulas  to include the latest novel ingredients that are years ahead of mainstream offerings. As such, Life Extension has originated such innovative supplements as Life Extension Mix™, a multivitamin that incorporates many recent research findings in health and nutrition.

Life Extension’s stringent approach to quality assurance and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee make its supplements the “gold standard” of the industry.

As part of a total health and nutrition program

What began as a newsletter over 30 years ago has evolved into a total health offering, including:

  • The full-color monthly Life Extension Magazine that reports on the latest health and wellness research.
  • An integrative staff of Health Advisors (naturopaths, nutritionists, nurses, personal trainers, and other health professionals) available every day to answer your health questions and concerns, and to assist you in formulating your personal regimen of diet, exercise and supplements.
  • Access to 300+ top-quality Life Extension products plus 2,000 other health-related products.
  • A 24/7/365 call center for ease of ordering (or the convenience of shopping online)
  • A mail-order blood testing service that costs a fraction of what commercial blood labs charge,  with blood draws performed in a convenient local LabCorp facility near you (some restrictions apply).
  • Access to the independent, full-service Life Extension Pharmacy™, including compounded prescriptions, offering a unique knowledge of pharmaceuticals & nutraceuticals, as well as remarkable prescription savings.

Learn how you can access all of the above services, as well as receive discounts on dietary supplements and blood testing, by joining the Life Extension Foundation.